In Pieces by Cleo White (PDF)

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Book Name:In Pieces
File Size:1.2MB

Story Line:

I’m an elite snowboarder and Dr. Brooks Harrison is my overbearing, overprotective doctor. He might be the only person in my life who is looking out for me, and our relationship isn’t contingent on how well I can fly through the air with a board strapped to my feet. I’ve been in love with him for years, and when my career comes to a quick, brutal end, Brooks is there to pick up the pieces and protect me, even from himself. “I’ve spent my whole life falling and getting back up. I’ve battered my body, broken my own heart, and pieced it all back together again. I can do anything. Even convince the stubborn doctor we’re meant to be together.”

She shouldn’t be walking. Never mind flying down mountains. Delta needs to take this season off. I think surgery could be beneficial, and with the right physical therapy-” “Out of the question.” The man standing across from my desk scowls at me, eyes flashing with the ever-present, unspoken threat that he can and will walk the hell out of here, taking his daughter with him.

The cortisone injections are working-“ I have to bite back the urge to yell back in frustration. It won’t be productive, this man is River Jacobs, a living legend and one of the most bull-headed human beings I’ve ever encountered. He’s one of the founding fathers of snowboarding, an Olympian, a national treasure.

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