Improvised Dance (In)Corporeal Knowledges (PDF)

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Book Name:Improvised Dance (In)Corporeal Knowledges
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Story Line:

This book elucidates the technical aspects of improvised dance performance and reframes the notion of labour in the practice from one that is either based on compositionally formal logic or a mysterious impulse, to one that addresses the (in)corporeal dimensions of practice.

Mobilising the languages and conceptual frameworks of theories of affect, embodied cognition, somatics, and dance, this book illustrates the work of specialist improvisers who occupy divergent positions within the complex field of improvised dance. It offers an alternative narrative of the history and current practice of Western improvised dance centred on the epistemology of its (in)corporeal knowledges, which are elusive yet vital to the refinement of expertise.

Written for both a disciplinary-specific and interdisciplinary audience, this book will interest dance scholars, students, and practising artists.

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