I Accidentally Summoned A Demon by Jaide Harley

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Book Name:I Accidentally Summoned A Demon
File Size:425KB

Story Line:

To my honey, who made me tea and kept me fed through my late nights and long hours of writing, you are my ultimate MVP. You put up with book inspiration songs on repeat for weeks, random bouts of imposter syndrome, endless stacks of books and notebooks, and several trips to the bookstore for more. Despite multiple instances of uncertainty during my publishing process, you gave me nothing but encouragement.

You held me any time I came to you crying about the sufferings of my characters. You celebrated every milestone I accomplished, and the ones I had yet to reach. Thank you for believing in me, especially when I couldn’t.

To my best friend, who I am incomplete without in every way, thank you for always being my person. When I almost gave up on writing, you were the one who pushed me to continue. Whether I needed tough love or a shoulder to cry on, you were and always have been, exactly what I need. Thank you for building me up and celebrating every small accomplishment along the way. I never would’ve made it far without you.

To my editor, Liss, and my proofreader, Makenna, this book could not have come together for publishing without you. Thank you for being patient through my innumerable questions and perfectionism.

To my patrons, I wish for a limitless expression of gratitude at least as long as this book because I know one paragraph isn’t enough. As the shy and introverted person I am, the chances that I’d never have gone after publishing is high. However, any time doubt crept in, I’d read the comments on my posts, or reread messages of encouragement, and remind myself I have a community of readers who believed in me so much, they were willing to support an author who didn’t even have a published book yet.

Your support humbles me. Your encouragement drives me. Thank you for sticking with me even when life happened and my publishing plans got delayed. Thank you for never giving up on me, and always believing in me.

To all my readers, patrons or otherwise, you are unendingly magnificent. Without your heartfelt messages and support, I wouldn’t have finished any of my books, and I wouldn’t have gone after publishing. Don’t underestimate your value to me, I will forever be grateful for every person who had a part in my dreams becoming reality.

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