Hybrid Born by Lana Melyan (PDF)

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Book Name:Hybrid Born
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

That night I thought I was finally safe. And I was, but only until dawn. That’s when I learned the rest of the story which by no chance could have a happy ending. But it didn’t mean I wouldn’t try to change that.

I survived the shift and broke the curse created by wolves and witches. I was a hybrid who wasn’t allowed to exist. There was only one other of my kind before, and she ruled the packs and covens for nearly two hundred years. To become an invincible leader like her I had to collect the powers she left for me, her heir.

I had until the next full moon before my existence will be known to wolves and witches. If I don’t get my powers in time, they’ll hunt me down and kill me.

Except, I had no idea where to look. My mom and Finn managed to keep me safe so far. But the day I turned, the greatest threat to my safety showed up at our doorstep—a handsome heir to one of the pack’s leaders and my fated mate.

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