Hot In Cold by J. D. Light (PDF)

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Book Name:Hot In Cold
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Story Line:

Communication? No. Hollis isn’t really that grumpy, but tell that to his face… and his voice… and his uncommunicative grunts. Tell that to any one of his exes. Just don’t tell his boys. They’d never stop laughing. His biggest regret, though, would have to be accidentally hurting Winston with his harsh ways. Winston, who had only ever been sweet and happy to see him.

Winston who used to talk his ear off at the station when he stopped by on his mail route, regardless of the fact that Hollis hardly ever gave much in the way of return chatter and usually just sat there basking in his sweet, sweet attention. Fantasizing about a life with Winston. Three months after the incident, and he’s still battling the guilt every time he catches a glimpse of the beautiful man he mentally refers to as an angel, and mourning his friendship. With every day that passes, Hollis becomes more and more convinced that romance is just a dream for him, and that he is going to end up dying alone.

And worse, he doubts he’ll ever get to see the sweet smiles Winston used to shoot in his direction. Winston is going to die a virgin. At thirty, telling someone that you’ve never so much a kissed anyone is beyond embarrassing, but what’s more embarrassing, is the fool he made of himself one drunken night three months before, when he tried to act on his infatuation with the chief of police, and ended up getting rejected by the surly man.

Before then, Winston had always thought Hollis had at least tolerated his non-stop blathering when he stopped by on his mail route, but after that night, it had become clear to Winston that they were not on the same page, and he avoided the man as completely as he could, all but running out of a room if Hollis entered it, and changing his route up completely just to avoid running into him at the station.

Now, he’s not saying Mark Foster is the devil, but when a man smiles at you like that, while apparently stalking you with the help of his ever present best friend, companion and husband, Devon, maybe you should ben a bit more leery of striking up a deal. And that is how he finds himself stranded at Hollis’s cabin in the middle of a late snowstorm. Mark and Devon Foster, and thier ridiculous schemes.

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