Hostile Fates by India R. Adams (PDF)

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Book Name:Hostile Fates
File Size:2.3MB

Story Line:

From award winning and bestselling author India R. Adams comes an explosive romance of fated lovers starting a war that will bring them to their knees.

A slow burn kind of beginning? No. Not in the slightest. I’m fighting to live. She’s planning to die. It’s a soul to soul—fire to fire— start to our story that creates a perfect storm. As the Vice President of the Steel Stallions, there’s only one thing to do after escaping my enemy. Live. But the only way that seems possible is by accepting the help of a nightclub manager who’s doing her best to escape her own dangerous past. It all started with a kiss that would forever change the course of our fates. A kiss that should never have happened but was meant to be. Now we have to face the fury of the mafia prince who thinks he owns her.

20 years ago

Through a rusty hole in the back of the racing car, the little girl desperately searched for the Irishman valiantly riding a motorcycle she recognized. Bound, with tears wetting the gag in her mouth, she prayed he would come roaring down the street, the morning sun shining behind him as he came to rescue her.

She had been peddling to school when a man yanked her from her bicycle and shoved her into the trunk of a car. The abductors presumed the little girl was a poor village child, having no idea they had just abducted the revered daughter of the powerful motorcycle gang, the Dullahans, until being chased by the leader: the President.

As the car sped farther from the town she longed to see again, the place where the motorcycle had crashed, she continued to search for the grey eyes of… her father.

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