Hoofbeats by Val Saintcrowe (PDF)

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Book Name:Hoofbeats
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Story Line:

The centaur arrives in town and builds a truly ostentatious house, big enough to take up an entire city block, throwing around his money as if it’s a calling card into society.

Miss Phoebe Llewellyn, daughter of the late Earl of Crisbane, knows high society sits high on a gated hill, and they aren’t admitting anyone. She knows, because she has been cast out. She is ruined, her virtue trampled long ago. The centaur may think to rise, but he is little more than an oddity, a tidbit of gossip. Society will never accept him. When she meets the centaur, he robs her of the ability to breathe. It’s the way he looks at her, the dark hunger in his eyes, the barely-contained desire there. No one has ever wanted her in that way. Savage, base yearning. Dangerous yearning. Terrifying yearning.

ALL anyone who was anyone could talk about was the new house being built on Tralgam Square, which took up practically an entire city block. It was indeed quite the tidbit of gossip, for I heard about it, and no one talked to me, at least not anymore. I saw the house, of course. I could not help but be curious about it.

My maid Janet and I would press our faces against the glass of the windows of my family’s carriage every time we went past it, noting the progress as the weeks ticked on and on, watching as it went from framing to walls to the roof going on. During all that time, all that anyone knew about the house was that it had been commissioned by a certain gentleman named Granville, and that he had spared positively no expense in having it built.

Little was known about Mr. Granville. Only that he had made his fortune in the import of teas and spices, that he owned a great number of ships that went to the far east for such things, and that he was not, so far as anyone knew, married. During dinner, the house and Mr. Granville became a subject of conversation that my brother and I could converse about, which was a welcome change, because my brother and I found little to say to each other normally.

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