Hollywood Secrets by Carol Wyatt (PDF)

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Book Name:Hollywood Secrets
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Story Line:

Adelaide Atwood gripped the cool black pole, putting on her most sultry, seductive expression while her chestnut brown hair fluttered in the breeze manufactured by the fan on the other side of the set. It was also blowing the sickly stench of cheap coffee her way.

She wasn’t sure why she was holding onto a pole on what was meant to be a rooftop. Apparently, the green screen behind her would be turned into a cityscape. She had no idea what any of this had to do with the perfume this commercial was for.

A few seconds of elevated chatter filled the room packed with crew working the lights and camera equipment before a hush came over the set and the director’s voice boomed through the silence. Action! Adelaide had no lines. Not any that she’d be saying on set anyway. She’d do a voice-over when they were done filming.

She drew in a steadying breath. After all these years, she was used to having a dozen pairs of eyes on her, watching her every move from behind a camera or ready to run in for a touch up to her makeup, but she found these kinds of commercials or promo shots particularly unnerving, because it was all about her looks, her body. Not her talent. Although, she should be thankful that someone still thought she was attractive enough at her age to represent a perfume brand.

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