His Vengeful Queen by A.N. Stauber (PDF)

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Book Name:His Vengeful Queen
File Size:710KB

Story Line:

Haley! Wake up, love A husky voice penetrates my sleep, pulling me from the nightmares. My fists slam into something solid. That voice, the husky Irish lilt. It’s soothing me from the inside, but I still can’t get my eyes to comply. His lips press against the top of my head. The scent of whiskey causes my nostrils to flare.

I try to force my eyes open, but my body is too focused on the screams coming from me. Arms wrap around my waist, and I’m settled into someone’s lap. My heart races, and my skin is sticky from sweat. I struggle to get my bearings.

I focus on the warmth of the hard arms wrapped around me. They’re strong and comforting. Familiar, and slowly, my breathing evens out. Relief shutters through me that I’m awake. I don’t remember the nightmares, but I know the feeling they cause is terrifying.

Callum’s hand is caught in my hair as he pets the top of my head, whispering soothing words until I’m able to open my eyes. It was just a dream, love.” His voice is against my ear, warmth enveloping my senses. His mouth presses against my temple and he rocks me in his arms.

I whimper, clutch at his bare chest, and take in the scent of fresh soap on his skin. My eyes finally open . Callum brushes the hair from my face with a finger and drops his forehead to mine.

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