Her Shifter Wolf Runaway by Serena Meadows (PDF)

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Book Name:Her Shifter Wolf Runaway
File Size:1.3MB

Story Line:

I’d lived my entire life with a secret that kept trying to burst out of me… My clan wanted my friends and I dead when we were babies. I’d begun questioning my very existence… but Marshall appeared out of nowhere and changed my reality. He was mysterious, a man with secrets of his own. Marshall was running away from something… or someone. And I wanted to chase him away from our small town.

His new restaurant could become my competition and put me out of business. But I also couldn’t deny how alive I felt around him. Marshall awakened the wolf shifter in me. His touch reminded me of my life purpose, and he truly was my fated mate. So when I shifted to save his life, the shock in his eyes broke my heart. Could Marshall accept me for who I was… or was he another piece of my life that I would have to forget and keep a secret forever?

Yvette screwed the top back on the peanut butter, put the jar back in the pantry, then cut her sandwich into fourths just like she had for her entire life. After putting the dirty knife in the dishwasher, she looked around the spotless kitchen; although still sore and tired from a day of scrubbing, she was satisfied that she was ready for the bed and breakfast to open again the next morning.

The week they’d had off hadn’t exactly turned out to be relaxing, but she was happy that Louisa had found love, if a little nervous about the new clan she’d formed. No one was sure what was going to happen next. No one could remember the last time a new clan had been formed, but they’d all agreed that they had no choice but to open again.

If they wanted to hold onto the old house. It was a relief to have the crowds of people that had descended on them gone, and she was looking forward to a night in front of the television in her favorite fuzzy pajamas. Grabbing her sandwich and the glass of milk on the counter by the refrigerator, she shuffled out of the kitchen in her old slippers, deciding to take the main stairs since there were no guests to see her.

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