Her Royal Cowboy Billionaire by Cynthia Woolf (PDF)

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Book Name:Her Royal Cowboy Billionaire
File Size:1MB

Story Line:

They take a chance and each find love.

She might be the best horse trainer in Twin Bluffs, some say in Montana, but first she’s a single mother of a precocious six-year-old daughter. Still, she hopes to find a love she could only dream about. He is all she imagined. Bold, kind and fiercely protective. But he’s been hurt too and fiercely guards his heart and his identity. When the worst happens, he will do the unthinkable to prove their love is the strongest bond of all.

The Bozeman Horse Show was in full swing. The sunshine made it a scorcher outside so many of the people crowding the midway were just glad to have the air conditioning. Every type of riding and every show had full seats. Riders rode in steeple chase, dressage, and also events like western cutting and even a regular horse show. The coliseum had three arenas, so multiple things were happening at the same time.

Michele Williams stood by the aluminum fence rail and watched as her six-year-old daughter, Erin, demonstrated riding on an English saddle. Most of the people here were used to Western saddles, so the much smaller and lighter English one attracted a lot of attention.

Cowboys preferred the Western saddle because it’s larger and heavier, making it more comfortable for riding long hours herding cattle. And it had things like the horn, which held the cowboy’s ropes and ties for a bedroll and saddlebags. Michele’s cowboys didn’t need a bedroll, instead keeping their slicker tied there.

English riding was more difficult to learn because it required the rider to keep both hands on the reins at all times in order to guide the horse directly through the mouth. He(PDF, epub) format one click direct download links On our website provide the best Books Reading experience for you.r riding students had to learn to coordinate between balance, legs and reins at the same time, but she knew once she taught someone to ride English style, they could easily transfer those skills to ride western, which made her teaching job easier.

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