Her Massachusetts Mix-Up by Tabitha Marks (PDF)

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Book Name:Her Massachusetts Mix-Up
File Size:1.2MB

Story Line:

I’ve got ten days in Boston to make sure my little sister and her baby are properly taken care of. What I don’t have, is time for distractions.

Especially distractions with a badge, piercing browneyes and a body that makes me want to stick out my arms and beg him to arrest me. Detective Smith, as it turns out, has other ways of dealing with naughty rule breakers. Instead of spending time in a jail cell, I spend my time over his knee, my body aching for more of his punishment even as my mind rebels at the thought of letting a man rule me.

I should have listened to my brain instead of my you-know-what. No amount of pleasure is worth the humiliation of realizing I’ll never be Adam’s number one priority. If he can’t put me and our relationship first, then there’s nothing left for me in Massachusetts. Nothing, that is, but the shattered heart I’m leaving behind me…

The sound of a vehicle approaching pulled me away from my study of the cornfields surrounding the farmhouse. The crop looked good this year. I was pleased with the progress—each of the stalks was nearly a foot tall, and it was only early June.

My future was in that corn, so, at the very least, I should be grateful, but it was difficult to scrounge up positive thoughts when the life I was living was far from what I’d envisioned for myself.

It was only in the dark of night, when I was all alone, that I dared to admit the truth. I was deeply, desperately unhappy.

But those thoughts weren’t appropriate for a sunny, early summer morning. Life happened. Things changed. You only get one family, and when I had to make tough decisions, I’d done what was best for everyone.

After slowly making its way down the long, dirt driveway, a rental truck pulled up in front of the three-car garage that now only held my father’s old pickup truck, currently my primary mode of transportation. My rust bucket sedan died two years ago and my mother’s SUV had been totaled in the crash that killed both my parents four years ago, and I’d never bothered to get anything else.

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