Heartless Souls by KC Kean (PDF)

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Book Name:Heartless Souls
File Size:2.8MB

Story Line:

I once had everything until it all disappeared. Years later, I’m on the cusp of finally filling in the missing pieces, only for them to barge into my life at the worst possible moment. It only takes one glimpse to realize I’m not the only one who’s changed. Alexi, Talon, and Malik. Gone are the boys I once knew. Gone are my saviors from across the road.

In their place are the furies that rule and set order, now nothing more than my captors. A deal was struck and I had no choice but to agree. Now I find myself in Hollow Pier with the truth still keeping us apart, and my soul burning to repair its missing pieces. I don’t stand a chance against them. I never have.

Iblink my eyes once, twice, three times, and the same steel bars glare back at me, taunting. These motherfuckers actually have the audacity to put me in a cell. A fucking cell. A prison of their own making, and it makes my blood boil. Twisting my lips, I fold my arms over my chest and my fingers steeple against my skin subconsciously as I assess the space around me. In Alexi’s words; my new-found Hell. A dim bulb looms above my head, casting light and shadows around the space.

The room that consists of solid bars holding me captive, crumpled sheets piled in the corner, and me. The stone floor matches the color of the walls, making the place look even more dreary than anywhere else I’ve been—which is saying something given what the last couple months at Saints Academy have been like. When I stepped through the portal with Rhea, the Elites, the twins, Thalia and Cassandra, and Nyx, my brows knitted together straight away. The gym wasn’t somewhere I was familiar with, but the heavy masculine scent in the air and the grunts coming from the sparring men on the mats were wisps of a memory from long ago.

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