Heartful Secrets by Erin R Flynn (PDF)

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Book Name:Heartful Secrets
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Story Line:

It’s a new year, and as much as Arabella Baker wishes that meant a new her, even a goddess can’t make that happen. Her past and family have found her, and while she’s thrilled she’s reconnected with two of her brothers, Zeus and Hera won’t leave things alone. But that actually takes a back seat to the heartbreak she’s suffered. She would never have thought the man she’d been falling for was lying to her and a complete fraud.

All she wants to do is help people and bring some good to the world. It’s all Arabella has ever wanted to do, but if the cost is so high to her, maybe it’s just not worth it. Maybe this world isn’t worth saving. Maybe with Valentine’s Day around the corner, she can soak up the love of cute couples and crazy requests to keep going, keep expanding… Because she’s expanding again. And again. The question is what will the cost be to her this time and is she willing to pay it?

I want to eat a dick,” an elderly human told me first thing Wednesday morning.

I opened my mouth to say so many things, but her determination struck me and I knew she wasn’t kidding. But clearly, something was off. Then it hit me. “You want to try spotted dick? The custard?”

The woman frowned at me. “Why would I come to a bakery for that?” She waved off whatever I might have said. “No, I want cake. I want a dick cake and to eat it, take pictures of it.

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