Having the Alien Overlord’s Baby by Thea Dane (PDF)

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Book Name:Having the Alien Overlord’s Baby
File Size:321KB

Story Line:

I stood under a sea of stars as my mate Rone Azulim addressed the crowd of Wanderstar Fleet troops and the interplanetary civilians who gathered for the official launch of the new space hub. All eyes were on the bronzed, seven-foot-tall alien overlord, including my own. “We’ve reached a new chapter in our journey to protect the galaxies from threat of invasion.” His rich voice carried over the crowd of onlookers.

They applauded him as he began his speech. His horns spanned out from his head of gold hair. Maybe I was a little biased, but I thought he looked regal standing there in the ceremonial military uniform. This was a momentous occasion. The opening of the space hub signaled that another area in this solar system was safer from enemy aliens.

For the past two years, the Wanderstar Fleet worked to secure this galaxy and my own home planet Earth from renegade Quareks. That’s how Rone and I met. We had an interesting start. I worked as a diplomat’s assistant at Earth’s space station. We humans needed a strong ally to help us keep our planet safe. When I first saw him step foot on the space station, my life had never been the same since.

I never imagined I would find myself millions of light years away from Earth. “We have my mate Cammie Azulim to thank for the original idea of the space hub. Without her, this wouldn’t exist.” The crowd applauded again, this time for me. Nearly a couple years into this and one would think I’d be used to the interstellar politics and being put on the spot. I wasn’t.

I nodded to the crowd, hoping my stage fright didn’t show through. Rone turned to the side and our eyes met. He gave me a little smile. I caught the spark within his amber-gold irises. I knew that look. My body responded deep inside, filling me with a slow-moving warmth. The people of planet Procyon gave me non-hostile, curious stares. At this point, I was used to it.

Humans were a rare breed in this solar system, although more and more of us chose to work with the Wanderstar Fleet military and branch offices. Rone moved forward with his speech. Behind the silent crowd were the stalls and shops of the hub, closed until after the ceremony when they would open to travelers from across worlds. My chest filled with emotion, but it was more than pride at what the Wanderstar Fleet achieved. I thought about what Rone and I achieved together.

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