Guardian Angel by K. LeBlanc (PDF)

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Book Name:Guardian Angel
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Sierra It’s amazing how fast your life can turn upside down. One bizarre and honestly terrifying encounter on my walk home from work ended with a dead lord of Hell and a spot for me on Hell’s wanted list. A few days ago I didn’t even know demons and angels were real, and now I have a live-in angelic bodyguard trying to control my life at every turn. Nathaniel is gorgeous, rude, and irritating as hell, but he’s the only shot I have at continuing breathing. That’s definitely the only reason I’m letting him crash on my couch. It has nothing to do with him being the most beautiful being I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Nathaniel I never wanted to play babysitter to a human girl. Especially not one as stubborn and dead set on getting herself killed as Sierra is. I thought I was in for long hours locked in a two-bedroom apartment with two barely adult women, but what I ended up getting is so much worse. Sierra Meyers is far from the helpless child I expected to be guarding. She’s fiery and fascinating in a way I can’t understand. I can’t actually like her. That’s not something I’m willing to put either of us through. No matter how tempting I find her.

I looked up from my book as Kylie plunked a coffee on the table in front of me. Peppermint latte with almond milk,” she said, sliding into the seat across from me. Unlike me, she had a shift this afternoon and wasn’t just hanging out at Fountain of Youth because she didn’t feel like being home. Why do I have a feeling this is a bribe and I shouldn’t touch that coffee unless I want to sell my soul? She sighed. “So you know that guy from the party last weekend? Andy? Well, he has to babysit for his

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