Give it a Whirl by Kayt Miller (PDF)

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Book Name:Give it a Whirl
File Size:1.9MB

Story Line:

Matilda Conklin is always a personal attendant, never a bride. Even in her favorite cousin’s wedding, she’s been relegated to errand running. No matter, Matilda is able to see the bright side of things. Not because she’s an eternal optimist, although, that helps. Nope. It’s because she understands how short life is and that there’s no use whining about stupid stuff like terrible maids-of-honor or how she has to learn the waltz to please her cousin. Matilda knows there’s always a silver lining. This one just happens to be a muscled, six-feet-tall plus kind of silver lining.

Alec Marchesani can’t dance. Nor does he want to. Ever. But, here he is, forced by his stupid brother to learn the waltz. The waltz! The only bright spot in this entire sh*t show is the quirky girl next to him. She’s a bit too sunshiny for Alec––you know, too optimistic—but that’s okay. She’s funny, and if there’s one thing Alec Marchesani needs in his life, it’s some funny. Maybe learning to dance the waltz won’t be so bad.

His comment is funny, and my laugh comes out as a snort. I swat his upper arm with the back of my hand, you know, like you do when you want the person next to you to know you’re with them. He must not appreciate my bit of camaraderie, because I get a glare instead of smile or even a nudge back. My goodness, the man has the prettiest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. Even squinty and steely, his peepers are pretty.

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