From a Scoundrel with Love by Katherine Bone (PDF)

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Book Name:From a Scoundrel with Love
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Story Line:

Lady Chloe Walsingham squeezed Prudence’s hands and swung her arms wide to inspect her apple-green wedding gown. “You’re a beautiful bride, Pru. And you deserve a happy ending.”

Closing her eyes, Prudence glanced down at the intricate detail of her fruitful-colored gown, the yards of matching gossamer and lace, savoring the moment, and allowing herself to be transported back to the morning she’d married the man who owned her heart and soul—Tobias, the Duke of Blackmoor. Her breast had been full of boundless joy and love that momentous day.

Strangely now, the bittersweet contrast between the virginal white she’d worn then and the gown she wore now, Tobias and her intended—Basil, Earl of Markwick—flashed in her mind’s eye, teasing her with images of what could have been, of how deeply she could have loved, had a brutal fire not stolen her former husband’s life.

Heat rose to her face as, once more, the stable’s deadly flames hissed and crackled untamed before her like a hungry, writhing, poisonous viper sinking its fangs deep into her heart. Horses neighed. Men shouted. Prudence grabbed her constricting throat.

“What is it?” Chloe asked, touching Prudence’s cheek. “Are you overcome with emotion?” The memories immediately silenced. “You feel overly warm,” her friend went on. “Perhaps you should sit down until the reverend returns.”

Prudence inhaled a fortifying breath. “No,” she said, forcing a smile. “On the contrary, I am quite well.” She removed Chloe’s hand and straightened her spine, determined more than ever to move on with her life.

It had been two years since fate had seared her heart to embers and labeled her a widow. She’d survived the devastating loss and the tempering that followed, allowing herself to be forged for a moment such as this. Why, then, when she had to speak her vows, did that fateful night play over and over again in her mind?

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