From a Rogue with Love by Sydney Jane Baily (PDF)

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Book Name:From a Rogue with Love
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Story Line:

What a minx! Lady Madeleine knew Daniel was watching her. And she was teasing him with a come-hither tilt of her head before turning away to speak with her mother, Lady Brayson, who was always at her elbow. Invariably, Daniel’s gaze sought the beautiful earl’s daughter whenever they were at the same Mayfair event. How could he help himself?

She was spectacular! All pale golden coiffure atop a perfect porcelain face with intense light blue eyes that seemed to sparkle like a lake lit with morning sunshine. If her fine straight nose at times seemed to be held a little high, then her bow-shaped lips set in a placid, self-satisfied smile more than made up for it.

For the past two weeks of the new Season, in every ballroom and dining room, her name was bandied about as an incomparable beauty. Lady Madeleine! At least for her looks, she reigned supreme. Her nature was considered a little dodgy, however, since she’d snapped loudly and sharply in public at a few hapless servants and even at a baron’s daughter who got in her way.

He could overlook such outbursts. Perhaps she was having a bout of indigestion or her dancing slippers were too tight. Occasionally, Daniel thought Lady Madeleine looked a little sad, which seemed unthinkable for someone with every privilege and the world at her feet.

Of more interest was that she’d noticed him on more than one occasion, including her very first social outing at Spencer House, overlooking Green Park. Their glances had met past her admirers and his own throng of beauties who hoped to gain his hand and title. Why, she had even blessed him with one of her rare broad smiles that lit her eyes, causing his heart to squeeze in his chest.

They’d danced at two balls, and the pleasurable sensation of holding her in his arms for a waltz had spurred thoughts of holding her for the rest of his life. And now, unless Daniel was mistaken, she’d sent him an encouraging sign with the merest incline of her head.

He had a mind to approach her that evening for another dance, maybe two if he should be so lucky as to find room upon her card. A visit in the morning to the Brayson residence, followed by an invitation to go riding, and soon, he would be officially courting her. He was Lord Waverly, with a good income, a fine family name, and a two-hundred-year-old viscountcy. He didn’t think he would be refused.

However, by his side that evening was his best friend, Henry Westbrook, the most sought-after bachelor of the year. After all, he was the Duke of Pelham and not as old as Midas, barely a year older than Daniel, in fact. A young duke with a massive fortune would trump any other man in the vicinity, even their other good friend, Viscount Jeffcoat who was standing on Daniel’s other side.

“I think I’m going after that one,” Henry said. Daniel knew instantly whom he meant, and he took a long, steadying breath. Pelham had spoken before him, and there was no question but the lady would prefer Henry. A duke beat all in this game of marital matchmaking.

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