Freedom and Betrayal by Bianca Mov (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Freedom and Betrayal
File Size:3.3MB

Story Line:

How far would you go for love? I died for it. When the mysterious Kaden enters Valentina’s life, she gets dragged into a world full of deadly witches, fearless hunters and a circle that becomes the family she never had. An ancient power that has always been a part of her soul awakens, and the most powerful circle member and her enemy, Elizar, is forced to help her control it.

Valentina’s love for Kaden is pushed to the brink when he leaves for Elyanne, the realm of witches, and throws himself into a reckless mission to avenge his parents. The very person who never missed an opportunity to torture her now must guide her on a journey to save Kaden. But what if she loses her heart along the way?

Night after night, I died a little more. Death and loneliness accompanied me every second I slept. I walked across an icy field full of dead bodies whose faces I didn’t recognize. No strength, I had no strength left. Every movement drove me further into the sweet embrace of darkness. Like a loving friend, it caressed my cheeks. I shook it off. Someone was waiting for me, needed me. I just didn’t know who. Throbbing pain surrounded my heart before I jolted awake from my personal hell.

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