Fragile Lives by Ariana Cane (PDF)

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Book Name:Fragile Lives
File Size:2.9MB

Story Line:

You’re the only thing holding me together. And they all know that.”

Leila I was born in this small town, and I knew one day, no matter what I did to prevent it, I’d die here, alone. What I didn’t account for was my brother’s mysterious, dark, damaged friend coming to town and making his way into everyone’s hearts. But his years serving in the Navy seem to cause him a different level of damage that no one else sees: one that hides on the inside and scars deeper. He’s older. He’s a mess. Hiding his pain behind a wicked smile, ridden by the guilt of someone else’s mistakes, he refuses to play by the rules.

Archie I found this little town because I was looking for closure in my miserable life. But what I really found is something entirely different—someone, who saw me at my lowest. The only one who sees the real me. She’s younger. She’s pure. She’s my friend’s sister. She’s smart. Smart enough to know she should run from me, leaving me in the dust. But I find myself chasing her, scared she’ll reveal my dirty secrets. Scared she’ll leave me alone with them. “I would give everything to keep you, but I got nothing left to give.

I’m driving home from Boston after a meeting with my newspaper. They want me to write more stories like the one I just submitted—exposing crimes. I don’t know how I feel about it, considering the number of disgusting things I dug up in my research took a toll on my mental health. Knowing the inside scoop is never easy, and, depending on the crime, you don’t come out the same.

I let out an aggravated groan as I see a figure walking on the bridge that connects the old and the new part of town. With no jacket on. In December. In Maine. My butt is freezing even firmly planted on a heated seat inside of my car, hidden away from the elements, and he’s just…walking, hands in the front pockets of his pants.

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