Fractured Souls by Jessa James (PDF)

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Book Name:Fractured Souls
File Size:2.6MB

Story Line:

Harley My mom used to tell me I was a princess whenever I was feeling sad. She said princesses were strong and kind and could stand up for themselves, just like me. But I’ll tell you a secret. It’s really hard to feel like one when you’re beaten and chained up in a basement.

The day my mom was murdered, my whole world flipped upside down into the blackest hell you could imagine. A world full of torture, starvation, humiliation… I don’t know why this is happening to me. I don’t know what I’ve done. I don’t know who I am. I have lived the last three years without kindness, without a voice, and most importantly, without hope.

Maybe I couldn’t be the princess of my own story because right now I’m too weak to be. Well, all of that is about to change. I need to be stronger. I need to grow harder. I need to fight back. And this time, they won’t break me. This time, I’ll be the one to fear. This time, I’ll become the devil myself. And one day… I WILL have my revenge

Ryker We watch her. We see everything. We try to save her. But how can you save someone when she slips right through your fingers and you’re too broken to have stopped it from happening? We’re all a little damaged, which is why I know we need this girl as much as she needs us.

The only problem is, secrets are at every turn, and we don’t know who we can trust anymore, but we won’t stop until we discover the truth. Who knew one girl could possibly jeopardize the future I’ve always craved, wanted, and needed at the Sons of Silence MC? Is she worth risking everything for?

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