Fortune Fae Academy by J.R. Thorn (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Fortune Fae Academy
File Size:2.6MB

Story Line:

I’m trapped between two Alphas and I’m not sure if I’ll survive their domination games. The Elders made their move and now the future has been thrown into chaos. With Seifiek missing and Axel biding his time, I’ll delve into my studies for as long as I’m allowed at the Academy—or as long as I can survive.

There’s a dark secret within the Collegium, one that I need to understand if my Betas and I are going to make it out on the other side of this mess and new enemies are fighting me every step of the way. The worst being a third Alpha who’s set his sights on me. One who is delighted by the realms on the verge of war. Chaos is his home and madness is his bedmate.

He’s as ancient as time itself and he’s set the future on a course where I’ll become his queen. Running isn’t an option, not anymore. I’ll face my destiny and take it by the balls. Because this bitch isn’t going down without a fight.

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