First Touch by Elsa Jade (PDF)

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Book Name:First Touch
File Size:946KB

Story Line:

She lost her childhood and her mother on a wild journey through a jungle deep and dark—now she is losing what’s left…

Freelance illustrator Cecily Serrao has painted herself into a corner—and she likes it there. She has her pastel watercolors, her tiny Portland apartment with nice indirect lighting, and just enough work to let her drift through her perfect quiet life. Until a supersecret agent with eyes as brilliant gold as the deadly jaguars that haunt her dreams tells her she’s missing one thing: herself. Ronan Conrad joined the First Responders: Extrasensory Capabilities Unit—freaks for short—to atone for his troubled, misspent youth.

When unknown forces as covert as any of his unit’s ops threaten ExCap’s mission, the lieutenant guide controller who usually handles other agents with power and precision finds himself hunting the shadows on his own. Alone until he finds her: subtle, strong, stubborn—and a cruel reminder of his worst failure, why he can never let anyone too close ever again.

They only share an enemy, and even as a dangerous desire ignites between them in all the reckless hues of passion and peril, they know anything more intimate is impossible. But the freaks of ExCap specialize in the impossible as they fight to survive…FIRST TOUCH.

FIRST TOUCH opens the ExCap Files, a series of fast-paced paranormal romance thrillers that includes some scenes of violence, a few big words and a few bad words, some inappropriately timed snark and sex considering they are in danger and should probably be running away, a bit of sequel bait iykyk, and of course a HEA. Follow Elsa Jade for news on the next ExCap story.

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