Fighting for Kora by Deanna L. Rowley (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Fighting for Kora
File Size:1.4MB

Story Line:

Hired by the Brotherhood Protection Agency to protect Kora Garrison at all costs, Seth Falco took the job with less enthusiasm when he realized who he was to protect. He believed the women was his father’s former lover, and because of his own feelings toward her, it was hard to get into the groove of being Kora’s protector. Kora Garrison had been out of work for several months, and with a renewed sense of purpose, she was at the top of her game when she returned.

It took only a few hours to realize that someone was out to get her, and when she learned that Seth Falco was to protect her, she agreed, but withheld her judgement in his abilities to do the job. Whenever something happened to Kora, Seth wasn’t there, and he began to doubt his own abilities as a protector. The only way to keep her safe, was to have her with him all the time. Would that work? Or would Kora’s stalker continue to thwart him at every turn to hurt Kora? Was the stalker’s revenge against Kora too much for Seth?

Seth Falco groaned as he reached out to slam his hand on the offending noise of his alarm, and scowled when he encountered nothing but air. He flopped his blankets back, and this time he growled when he couldn’t find them. He quickly sat up, grabbed the alarm, threw it across the room, and sighed in relief when it shut off as it smashed against the far wall.

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