Fighting for Charli by Leanne Tyler (PDF)

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Book Name:Fighting for Charli
File Size:1.3MB

Story Line:

Five brothers fighting for justice, fighting to save lives. After years of military service, can they overcome their deceased father’s shortcomings and become a family? Firefighter Marcus Falco is efficient at his job, but is a disaster at keeping Charli Jackson safe. Her grandmother’s death in a helicopter crash lays heavy on his mind and Charli is still in danger.

Charli doesn’t believe she needs a Brotherhood Protector, even if it is hot, ex-Marine Marcus whom she’s had her eyes on ever since he rolled into town with his firefighter brothers and she began renovating their ranch. Someone is out to harm her. She doesn’t know who but they are also hurting the people she loves. Can they stop him before he goes too far?

Marcus wiped his greasy hands on an old rag and stepped back from the wrecked helicopter, perplexed from what he was seeing. There was no reason he could find for the malfunctions that caused the technical difficulties leading to the crash-landing when he flew Charli Jackson, her cousin Melanie, and their grandmother to Greeley for her medical appointment. Unfortunately, Ester Jackson had passed away from a cardiac episode before the air ambulance had arrived. The rest of them had been flown to Longmont United Hospital to be checked out.

To make matters worse, in his opinion, he’d walked away without a scratch on him while Charli suffered from a sprained wrist, and Melanie a concussion. He didn’t understand what went wrong. He kept his bird in top shape and never would have offered to assist in getting Ester to her cardiologist appointment when Charli mentioned the long car ride to Greeley and back put a strain on her grandmother’s health. And now the sweet woman was gone. All because of him.

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