Fight Dirty by Cassie Mint (PDF)

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Book Name:Fight Dirty
File Size:1.7MB

Story Line:

He’s brutal and battered. The meanest fighter in the city.

And I’m begging him to teach me how to fight. The first time I step foot in Jax Sutherland’s gym, he stares like I’m some badly lost tourist. All around, men are beating each other to a pulp, and I wince with every smack and grunt. Maybe I am lost. Coming here is definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m so out of place it hurts. I’m a cuddler, not a fighter, and I can’t even watch scary movies. This is nuts. But I’m desperate.

Someone’s been following me through the city, leaving threatening notes, and I’m so tired of feeling afraid. Feeling vulnerable. I need to learn to defend myself, and for that I need Jax. At first, he laughs. Then he scowls. Then he drags my flushed body to the mat.

Idither on the sidewalk, my clammy palms tucked into my hoodie sleeves. It’s evening, the sky pink above the city rooftops, and all around traffic rumbles and feet thud against the sidewalk. Lights change and horns blare. It’s my favorite time of day. Tonight, though, I’m too wired to enjoy it.

I’m downtown, where the delicious scents of curries and roasting meat mingle in the air and crowd out the traffic fumes and cigarette smoke. My stomach growls under my baggy layers, nudging me to go somewhere else, anywhere else on this block so long as they serve something spicy and sweet. Any of these restaurants with their steamed over windows will do.

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