Fate Of Water and Wind by Lashell Rain (PDF)

Fate Of Water and Wind for free download on PDF format book through a direct link on our site already has the most recent updates The book was made available by Lashell Rain Release on February 21, 2023, under the Fantasy genre You can now free download the most recent books and include all books on ebookszone website.

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Book Name:Fate Of Water and Wind
File Size:2.7MB

Story Line:

How do I bring peace when I’ve never known it?

For over a century, as war waged, Emelyn and Ace have been in hiding and constantly moving, knowing that Ember’s emperor is searching for them with the suspicion that Ace is more than a Sky Elf. But the truth has been revealed and now Emelyn has to save a world she doesn’t have a place in. When a mysterious man of shadows saves her, claiming to be with the rebellion against Ember, Emelyn can’t deny the draw she has to him—in particular the way his shadows touch the deepest parts of her soul.

The steep rugged mountainside had turned into a web of snow and ice. We had been climbing Heavensreach all morning, determined to reach the highest peak where the pojo tea leaves bloomed. This had become our yearly tradition, honoring our loved ones that had fallen to Ember’s cruel soldiers.

Ace trudged through the knee-deep snow in front of me, leading the way to our spot on the mountain. As we made it over the snow-capped peak, I looked over the open horizon. It reminded me every time we made the climb how this place got its name. The clouds floated lower than the mountaintop and as the sun set in the distance, it was as though you could step out and walk on them. Lovely pinks and purples cascaded through them like a door to another world. It was just as breathtaking this year as it had been the last. I turned away from the open expanse, and that was when I saw it.

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