Enthralled in the Governess’ Gaze by Meghan Sloan

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ebook details:

Book Name:Enthralled in the Governess’ Gaze
File Size:400KB

Story Line:

The sun was bright and warm, a welcome change from the gloom and rain that had been London’s norm as of late. Edward Harford smiled up at the clear blue sky with a small smile.

The fair weather reflected his mood perfectly. It seemed as though everything in his life was falling into place. Having finished his studies at Oxford, he had returned home and gone about the business of finding himself a wife, an expectation as the son and heir to the Duke of Stoneham that he did not take lightly.

When he first laid eyes on Miss Cressida Hutches, he knew she was the lady he wished to one day be his duchess. The most beautiful young miss of the season, she had been highly sought after by all the single gentlemen of the Ton, but Edward was the one who had won her in the end.

She walked beside him as they made their way through the garden behind her family’s townhome, looking lovely in her pink dress with its white lace trim. Her blonde hair was arranged on the back of her head in an elegant chignon, and she held herself with a grace and poise that never failed to impress him.

Her delicate brow was furrowed, and she looked preoccupied. He wondered what could be distracting her so and stealing her attention away from him.

She came to a sudden stop and faced him. Edward stumbled slightly as he turned toward her. He glanced back at the maid who had been trailing behind them throughout their walk. She also stopped walking, maintaining her distance to avoid intruding on their conversation.

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