Empire of Carnage by Santana Knox (PDF)

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Book Name:Empire of Carnage
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

Lo juro por Dios que, this is the last time I end up in the fucking trunk of another sedan. Fucking cocksucking hijo de la chingada. Guillermo’s lackeys had barely shut the trunk before they opened it again, this time to throw Santos in with me. I watched the needle slide into his neck, and the same medicine they used to immobilize me was now coursing through his veins as well.

His gagged screams of protests turned into mumbles just as his tongue froze inside of his mouth. There was nothing worse than staring into the face of someone you loved and seeing nothing but pain, knowing that there was absolutely nothing you could do to make it better. We laid there, staring into each other’s eyes, crammed into that tiny, piece of shit trunk Los Muertos had stuffed us inside of for what felt like an eternity.

An awkward tear rolling down our cheeks every now and then that we could only ignore and pretend we didn’t see. Time moved slowly and eventually my muscles tingled with an intense burn when sensation began to return to my body. I wiggled myself closer to Santos, resting my forehead on his chest. He moaned a muffled sound that was filled with pain. He was hurting, physically and in every other way possible. Mateo and Ronan were dead, and we were headed towards our end too.

The realization was a blade dead center in my chest. It was all my fault. I would have gladly met my demise a hundred—no a thousand times over if it meant the boys would have survived. But it was too late now to make those kinds of compromises and I had cost them their lives. I deserved this, they didn’t. My sobs were an incoherent mess of sounds echoing off the trunk that caged us in together.

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