Eclipse of the Crown by A. K. Caggiano (PDF)

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Book Name:Eclipse of the Crown
File Size:452KB

Story Line:

The Grand Order of Dread was established in a time before counting by an assemblage of beings that remain a mystery for their names alone would cause incurable madness and entire realms to collapse—at least, that’s what the current iteration of the Grand Order has to say when asked about their history of poor record keeping.

One certainly couldn’t write things down once upon a time on account of the madness and the collapsing and the other inconvenient possibilities, so inadequate archives were just an unavoidable misfortune. The fault belonged with no one, least of all with any of the Grand Order’s elusive and anonymous, six-member council, but someone was surely held accountable, tortured appropriately, and disposed of anyway.

The Grand Order of Dread, or GOoD, had since come to appreciate the art of documentation as failing to do so in the past lent itself to unmitigated disasters like Yvlcon two hundred and fifty-three when proper communication was not drafted and the meeting location turned out to be a direbadger mating ground or Yvlcon six hundred and eleven when a summons was sent to a direct descendant of a dominion instead of the intended demonic offspring due to an ill-placed apostrophe who subsequently slaughtered half of the attendees.

Eventually, the Grand Order evolved with the cycling of its council, and record keeping became not just an unfortunately necessary good, it became unconditional. If one were an Yvlcon attendee, one would absolutely be accounted for in sextuplicate, and one who had failed to send the proper forms in via raven, shark, or viper post for approval to bring along a non-GOoD-sanctioned being to Yvlcon—especially a seemingly non-evil one—would soon learn things would become messy. Damien Maleficus Bloodthorne knew this. Baroness Ammalie Avington, however, did not.

Amma was by no means innocent. In fact, she had just killed a man, and had she been given longer than a few shaky breaths to think about it, she would have been delighted by not only knowing Marquis Cedric Caldor was dead, but that it was theoretically by her hand.

This knowledge would have been quite interesting to the Grand Order, and as that dead man was trained in the holy ways of Osurehm, an inheritor of a march of Eiren, and a descendant of a dominion, it may have made her sudden and unapproved arrival at Yvlcon a tad bit easier, but Amma wasn’t truly meant to be killing or maiming or overthrowing or really even spiting, and everything about her, from her soft but tangled blonde curls, to her frightened but bloodshot blue eyes, to her prey-animal thumping but sincere heart, screamed good.

Not GOoD, just good. And to GOoD, that was bad. And not the preferable kind of bad that meant evil, just more of a sort of unacceptable atrocity. Amma found herself being walked down a long, dimly-lit, windswept corridor, the vague sound of torturous howls echoing up into the forever-high darkness above. She had become used to forever-high darknesses and sourceless winds, but the screaming was new.

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