Double Dare by Nordika Night (PDF)

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Book Name:Double Dare
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

After what happened in the truck, Jed, Kade, and Laken need to face the facts. Things are changing, but are they ready for the dynamic to shift? Kade’s still struggling with guilt, Jed’s head is all messed up, and Laken is right in the middle, trying to decide if that’s where she wants to be. In a world where society likes to judge and not everyone understands, can these three come to a decision that works for them, or will the opinions of others influence their choices? What will their brothers think? What porch chat will Mama Dare give? Laken is already invested in one dominant Dare, but can she handle double the Dares?

The worst part about fighting is not knowing the reason behind it. Kade comes at me hard. I barely have time to block his assault before his knee slams into my gut and his fist cracks against my jaw. My teeth clack together with my cheek between them, and blood is drawn, pooling in my mouth to fuel my confused rage. I shake my head, staunching this uncertainty and refusing to lose the fight. This is my sport, and like hell am I going to let him beat me at it.

I go on offense, landing a kick to his hamstring that has him stumbling back. While he’s off balance, I land a few more blows, bringing a gush of blood from his nose. He shoves me off, wiping his face with his already bloody hands, his eyes crazed, his muscles coiled, his confusion just as obvious as mine. But what he has that I don’t is guilt. He thinks he deserves this beating, but I can’t really feel the strength of that through my clouded mind.

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