Doctor Next Door by Liz Hamilton (PDF)

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Book Name:Doctor Next Door
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Story Line:

I was determined to stay away from men until I saw the hot new doctor next door! I thought we could just remain friends, even though I was insanely attracted to him. I’m a busy single mom and I don’t have room in my life for a relationship. But Max, there’s something familiar about him, something comforting. He may not say much, but I am not imagining this chemistry between us.

The next-door ex-military doctor is here in this small town for peace but has no idea he’s in for a shock. I feel we could be more than just friends but I am not sure if I should tell him the truth about my secret. I wish I were brave enough to tell him how I feel. Doctor Next Door is a sweet, clean romance about a single mom, the doctor who moves in next door, and their unspoken, unknown connection.

I haul everything up the stairs, huffing and puffing. I have no idea why, but my hands feel like they’re on fire. I put in the complicated code, knock on the door, and open it. Luckily, I’ve managed to get the laundry bag on the ground before Katie and Breeze run into the tiny entryway and hug me. I’m a little shocked because I know Katie from astronomy and Breeze from the temp agency.

Katie had to get out of the dorm because her roommate was completely insane. I told Breeze about it, and they got a three-bedroom sub-sublease. Breeze’s best friend Jack just graduated and moved out, so I’m extremely lucky to get in.

Katie is tall and thin with a braying laugh, but she sure does know her stars. She worked all four years in an ice cream shop, so her muscles are pretty defined. Now she manages the store and has a second job delivering groceries. Lucky her, she has a car. I need to get one because I need to do the same thing. Katie must have to go into work later because she’s wearing a pink golf shirt with the Ice Cream Palace logo and chinos.

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