Den of Blades and Briars by LJ Andrews (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Den of Blades and Briars
File Size:3.6MB

Story Line:

She’s bound to serve her enemy for a hundred years. Now, she’s at risk of killing the man … or falling for him. After she lands on the losing side of a war, Saga is sentenced to serve Ari Sekundär, the man she despises. But when a botched assassination attempt puts Saga on the run with her reluctant master, they’re forced to work together to survive.

Soon hate feels more like passion and disgust more like desire. What Ari doesn’t know is that falling in love with the enemy will have deadly consequences. But how can Saga tell him, if he ever gives his heart to her, it will unlock a hidden secret that can destroy the kingdom…and end her life.

No one would search for his body when I finished with him. In the rare chance someone tried, it wouldn’t matter. I’d make certain he was never found. My fists clenched at my sides; my gaze locked on the satin pleats of the audacious gown. Three layers of skirts, with strategically cut slits in the sides, were sprawled out over the narrow straw mattress.

It was hideously stunning. A thing perfect for the royal revel, and wholly wrong for a woman like me. The loft room I called mine was nothing grand. Small, a little musty from the nearness to the swamps of the Mossgrove wood, and partly used as storage for grain the cooks used in their morning bread.

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