Daughter of the Underworld by Jenn Lynn Adams (PDF)

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Book Name:Daughter of the Underworld
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Story Line:

Tha se vasaníso. San stáchti mazí sou! Tíko!” The crow cocks its head and caws, its shiny black beak mocking me. I grind my teeth. A headache begins forming along my temples, the pain sharp and stabbing Yet again, I have failed.

You have neither tormented, disintegrated, nor liquefied the crow.” Hermes sighs heavily, annoyance tinging his words. I’ve been at this for weeks, still unable to summon my magic for anything more sinister than putting birds to sleep with boredom. My blackened fingers are a stark reminder of my stilted abilities, as though the power within has tried to escape but remains stuck. I watch as Hermes languidly approaches the cage.

He flicks the lock and the crow hops out, moving up his arm to his shoulder. “I’m sure Pan is happy not to be violently destroyed, but you must work harder, Princess. Your mother returns from the Land of the Living tomorrow, and your life is bound to change with your coming birthday. Your magic must appear in order for you to succeed at your Underworld duties.”

My body stiffens, but I nod tightly, holding back, and carefully control my tone. “Yes, sir,” I say flatly Hermes holds up a hand filled with birdseed, and as Pan pecks happily, the cracked shells fall to the floor.

Moving away, I surrender to the worn leather chair in the corner of Hermes’s hut, my limbs heavy. The fire crackles in the hearth, warming the cottage, while a book sits open on the side table. I pull it to my lap and begin mindlessly flipping the pages.If only magic were as easy as understanding the laws honoring the dead, Hermes.

I can describe the three parts of a burial ritual, move seamlessly into the Land of the Living to collect offerings to the dead, and recite the “Codes of Justice for the Deceased,” but I am still unable to magically summon the corpses who have been dishonored, my formal duty as heiress to the Underworld.

I think that’s enough for today, Princess.” Hermes flaps his hand dismissively as he takes the book from my lap and begins to tidy the small cottage. I rise from the chair and head toward the door, knowing that my lesson was a complete failure.

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