Darragh’s Dilemma by Ciara St James (PDF)

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Book Name:Darragh’s Dilemma
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Story Line:

The O’Sheerans aren’t what most might expect a mobster family to be like, however, make no mistake, when it counts they have no problem making those who threaten those they love and protect disappear. The days of being outright feuding mobsters have been tamed, but they’re still the largest Irish mobster family in the US. Darragh, as the oldest child of three brothers, took over as head of the family business a few years ago. He’s been faced with many challenges, but the biggest one that seems to keep nagging him the most is creating a family of his own.

In his family, they marry for love, not territory, money or alliances, like some used to do in the past. He won’t settle for less. Which means if he can’t find his soulmate, he won’t marry at all. He never expects his soulmate to walk into his office one day asking for their help. She wants to take down a horrible pornography ring, one preying on underage girls.

She’s willing to do anything to get their help. Darragh isn’t going to say no and he’ll do everything in his power to make her his before this is all over with. Ashlynn can’t believe she’s going to the reputed Irish mob to ask for help, but she doesn’t know what else to do. The cops aren’t helping and she’s got to stop this before it’s too late.

Everyone knows who the O’Sheerans are and their reputation. She’s quickly sucked into Darragh’s world. One filled with money, extravagance, enemies, jealousy and more. However, she finds that they’re much like many families, mainly concerned with loving and protecting their own.

The journey for Darragh and Ashlynn to be together is a bumpy one. They’ll face several challenges. However, in the end, she’ll move from being Darragh’s Dilemma to being Darragh’s forever.

Come see who the O’Sheerans are and get introduced to the Irish mobster family who places love above all, even if they have to kill to do it.

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