Crushing On My Brother’s Best Friend by Flora Ferrari

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Book Name:Crushing On My Brother’s Best Friend
File Size:1.6MB

Story Line:

I stand next to my brother, Adam, feeling his grief emanating from him. It’s in the air, palpable, and it just makes the guilt twisting in my gut even worse.

On the other side of Adam stands Bryson. It’s been a year since he was on the East Coast when he and Adam had a huge fight. They’ve been best friends since Adam was a little kid—before I was born.

As the words are read, Adam’s wife is laid to rest. Gorgeous Eva was so quick with a smile and a joke and more of a second mother to me than a sister-in-law.

I have to stop myself forcibly from turning my head away from Adam and drinking in the sight of Bryson. I saw the doctor when we arrived. He’s six and a half feet tall, his suit tightly hugging his bulging muscles. His face was severe, his ice-blue eyes hidden behind heavy sunglasses, his chest heaving as though he wanted to run at me—to throw his arms around me. To tell me he’s as obsessed with me as I am with him. It’s been this way ever since he first cast my broken wrist when I was a kid.

Adam and Bryson are both thirty-seven. I’m nineteen, almost twenty. Our parents took their time with the second kid, which means I had plenty of chances to crush on my brother’s best friend. As they lower the coffin into the ground, I fight off tears, both wishing Bryson had stayed away and so relieved that he’s returned. I’ve got no clue what their fight was about, but Bryson has always been there for Adam, and it’s no different now.

My mind returns to the countless moments Eva and I shared, the laughter across the dinner table, her hand ruffling my hair when she and Adam got married. It was almost a decade ago, and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, grinning down at me. Adam wraps his arm around me, both of us sinking into our grief as my tough brother tries to hold back his tears.

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