Craving Us by Kat T. Masen (PDF)

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Book Name:Craving Us
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

Beau Romano was always the annoying boy who teased me when we were kids… But we’re not kids anymore. Things have changed between us ever since I started college. He’s kind of become my guy bestie. With him, things are just easy. And everything with my father is finally going great for once. That’s until Hunter Cash walks back into my life…

My eyes stare at the one blue line in disbelief. Inside my chest, my heart has come to a complete standstill, stopping my ability to breathe as if someone has their hands wrapped around my neck, strangling me to the point of no return. You’re not pregnant with Hunter’s baby. Repeat. Everything is okay. The words replay in my head, my brain telling me everything is fine. Yet, my body is delayed and continues to stare in shock.

The chokehold has been debilitating since my calendar prompted me of my late cycle. I blamed myself for being so stupid the night with Beau and ripping out my contraceptive, thinking it was no big deal. Of course, it was a big fucking deal. I’d been through so much trauma to make such a careless move. Imagine me, pregnant with an older man’s baby.

A man who I mistakenly fell for, only to be used in his sick and twisted game against my father. The next day, I paid for it when the alcohol wore off, and the pain became unbearable. At the time, I could only take painkillers to avoid seeing a doctor and explain my stupidity while on a bender. Though, surely, doctors have seen far worse.

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