Craving Hex by Ashlee Rose (PDF)

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Book Name:Craving Hex
File Size:1.6MB

Story Line:

Forbidden. Taboo. So wrong, yet so right.

Lauren should have never craved her step-brother Hex, but her craving became more like an addiction. When she caught her boyfriend Jed cheating on her, Hex made his intentions known. Lauren tried to ignore him, but the pull just became too much. Before Lauren knew what was happening, she and Hex were sinning together.

Rolling over, I groan when I see all my boxes piled around my bedroom. I cannot believe I am back living with my parents. This was not the plan when me and Hallow decided to move out and face the big wide world by ourselves. But, alas, we never planned for her to fall in love with her brother’s three best friends.

They didn’t let her out of their sight, and after only a month of dating she moved in with them. It’s fine. I’m happy for her, real happy. But I am also envious of her. I want someone to love me as much as Rune, Guy and Regan love her. Fuck, she has three hot as fuck guys who are putty in her hands and worship the ground she walks on and I can’t even get Jed to commit to me.

I sigh, rolling onto my back as my eyes pin to the ceiling. I needed to get a little job and keep myself busy. I love my mom, but my stepdad is a dick and so is his son. Mom’s happy so I have to be happy. He treats her well, so I shouldn’t complain but he just seems so entitled and it grates on me.

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