Counterfeit Human by Hazel Jonas (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Counterfeit Human
File Size:2.7MB

Story Line:

An alien with a literal silver tongue claims me—a widowed mafia princess—is a threat to him. Damn right I am. I’m the Syndicate’s Boss’ favorite daughter-in-law and he’s just an oddly handsome, sulking enforcer hiding amongst the ranks of the Syndicate. Oh, and he swears he has otherworldly powers that I’m immune to. What? Excuse me, Sir, this is EARTH, and aliens aren’t real! We exchange hot glances and then hotter glances along with sharp conversations.

I try to stay away because this rule-breaking enforcer spells trouble. But then he turns up with a gunshot wound and I quickly notice why he can’t go to a normal doctor. I jump into action to save his life. He’s pissy but thankful. And suddenly this sullen alien reintroduces me to feelings I thought long buried. But the Syndicate Boss is watching my every move. We can only play pretend in the shadows of the night, but—with or without the Syndicate’s strict rules—there’s no future for us. But that won’t stop me from indulging in his touch and his extra features.

The only thing more annoying than the inconsistent dripping sounds coming from the office’s sink is a visit from the Feds. The sink has to be coming up on its eighth birthday. Its cream porcelain basin hanging off the brick wall is supported by leaded pipes and wall anchors blessed with miracles. I’m much more interested in glaring at the sink than the woman standing in the doorway separating the office area from the morgue. It’s a futile effort. I’ll never be able to truly convince my brain the leak is worse than any Fed

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