Coming Home to the Top of Main Street by Meg Easton

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Book Name:Coming Home to the Top of Main Street
File Size:381KB

Story Line:

Joselyn Zimmerman walked through the packed snow in Snowdrift Springs Park as the last of sunset faded away, looking at all the ice sculptures lit by brilliant colorful lights. She had forgotten how much she loved snuggling up in warm clothes, breathing the crisp mountain air, being surrounded by family, and taking in all the beautiful ephemeral pieces of art. She’d seen dragons, a couple dancing, a castle, a mountain lion, a person skiing, and her favorite, a family laughing together on a couch. All made of ice.

The Fire and Ice Festival was always in late January, which was usually too soon after Christmas for her to be able to take work off again to visit Nestled Hollow. But this year, the financial software company she worked for had all hands on deck for the rolling out of their new app on January 1. And since they required them to be there on days they’d normally have off, they gave them some free days as compensation, and she jumped at the opportunity to come to the festival.

“So quit your job, then move back,” Hannah said as she crouched down to put one-year-old Jason’s mitten back on him for the tenth time, while her three-year-old, Drew, attempted to be a little too helpful.

“You should,” Macie said. “You always say that the day job’s killing off your creativity.” Macie’s smile was a little too amused. As her sister, she knew what Hannah hadn’t seemed to get yet—that Joselyn never did anything without a detailed plan first. So Macie was joining Hannah in trying to convince Joselyn purely for the sport of it.

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