Clue Krewe by Jana DeLeon (PDF)

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Book Name:Clue Krewe
File Size:1.4MB

Story Line:

Beckett Rousseau is the firstborn son of one of New Orleans’ most prominent families. He’s the quintessential golden boy—great looks, money, and a political career in his future—until his wife murders him. Or at least that’s what everyone thinks. Athena Durand is still reeling from her murder conviction but now that it’s overturned, she’s at a loss on how to proceed with her life. As long as people still believe she’s guilty, she has no future in Louisiana and more importantly, she wants to know who killed her husband.

When she hears about Fortune’s exploits, Athena knows she is the one person who might be able to give her answers, and her life back. But too many people are harboring secrets about Beckett’s life and death, including Athena.Can Fortune sort through the half-truths and lies to discover the truth? Or did the jury get it right the first time?

I leaned forward in the pew and studied Pastor Don. He’d been hoarse before church when he’d greeted me, and one of the ladies who was helping set up the trays for the Lord’s Supper had passed him a coffee mug of the grape juice that Baptists use as a substitute for wine—because of that whole no drinking rule.

He’d sipped at it while continuing to greet until the congregation was in and it was time to get the church show on the road…or the altar. He’d gotten a refill on the grape juice before he’d headed for the pulpit, and I’d hoped his voice would hold out. Now, over halfway into the service, I was praying for something entirely different.

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