Claws and Cravings by Jailaa West (PD

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ebook details:

Book Name:Claws and Cravings
File Size:1.3MB

Story Line:

He’ll do anything to keep her safe. But safe from what?

When Aries Damon regains consciousness in the arms of beautiful shifter doctor Jessica Benson, he doesn’t remember a damn thing. Nothing other than his name. He knows nothing about the vicious claw marks crisscrossing his body or even the reason he visited her small western town. The only thing he knows is that the woman holding him—tending his scars with her tender touches of fire… She. Is. His. The clock is ticking on the handsome jaguar shifter and his mate.Together, they must what danger brought him to her office before it strikes again.

Jess, I need you Marshall Abrams’s voice rumbles on my phone. If only. The sexy sheriff only has eyes for Carol. Who is still so traumatized by her previous stalker boyfriend she can’t see it. If I had a hot, ripped sheriff after me, I wouldn’t waste another minute thinking about a damn loser who tried to kill me. Instead, I’d spend more time thinking about the hero who saved me. Wait, no, that’s not right.

According to Marshall, Carol, Harley, and Maria saved themselves. Girl Power. Still, there’s nothing wrong with playing weak and helpless so you can lay in a man’s arms. Right? “What’s going on Marsh?” Cork yips when I tuck the phone under my ear. Reminding me to keep brushing. He’s so spoiled. Good thing his dog mom will be here to pick him up in… The clock declares ten minutes.

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