Claim You by Blake Pierce (PDF)

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Book Name:Claim You
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Story Line:

Daisy Fortune never wanted to be a private investigator, but when her father had a stroke, she felt obliged to carry on the family business. Her P.I. business is on the brink of bankruptcy when an uber-wealthy client offers an extraordinary fee to clear her name. To do so, Daisy will have to immerse herself in the world of the mega-rich—a world Daisy knows nothing of.

Red flags abound as Daisy finds herself pulled deeper into the web of lies and dark secrets of the world’s wealthiest. Secrets they will do anything to protect. Daisy, though, is brilliant and tenacious, and as she steps into the role, she begins to realize she has her father’s gift. Unearthing the truth becomes a passion for her and she learns she will stop at nothing to do it—even if it means risking her own life.

Daisy Fortune rested in an uncomfortable chair in the waiting area of Independence Court, the assisted living facility where her father had spent the past year, watching the news.

She’d already been in a bad mood, coming here, but the news reporter’s easy skim from a murder uptown, to a burglary downtown, to the dismal state of the economy, was enough to make it even worse.

Not to mention this place. As much as they tried to dress it up with pretty paintings of woodland scenes and cheerful rainbow wallpaper, nothing could hide the simple fact: It was a last stop before death.

Even so, she appreciated its existence. Without it, where would she be? The nurses waited on her father, Edward Fortune, hand and foot, and when he was coherent enough to understand where he was, he always had positive things to say about it.

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