Chauffeur by Emma Bray (PDF)

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Book Name:Chauffeur
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Story Line:

I drum my fingers on the steering wheel in impatience as I wait for my last ride of the night to come out of the theater.

Chauffeuring isn’t so bad—especially since I’m my own boss. But there are always a few who keep you waiting. It shouldn’t matter to me because I charge them while I wait, but I’m not the type who likes waiting around for anything.

Maybe I’m in the wrong profession, but it’s all I know. Ever since I was old enough to drive, I’ve always been behind the wheel of a car. I grew up on the streets, but I quickly saw that getting a license and working my way up in the business was my ticket to freedom.

Old Ralph gave me the break I needed by taking a chance on a sixteen-year-old boy and hiring him. I’ve been driving ever since, and now I own my own fleet of vehicles and can work on my terms.

I like to think that I’m pretty good at what I do. Contrary to what many people think, not everyone can drive. Some people are shit drivers. I would know. I come in contact with them every day.

And I’m not one of those chauffeurs who’s going to force myself on someone. I can sense when people just want you to shut up and drive, but I can also sense when people want a bit of polite conversation.

I’m adaptable. Personally, I like it best when they just want me to shut up and drive. It’s not that I’m anti-social. I can be sociable enough when I want to be, but my existence is a lonely one, and I like it that way.

Nobody in my business. I do my job, make the money to pay my bills, and put everything else aside because one day, I want to have a little place of my own out in the woods somewhere out of this godforsaken city. I’m sure that’ll be years from now if I actually retire from driving, but a man can dream, can’t he? Everyone has to have something to work toward.

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