Captured Fate by Eva Chase (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Captured Fate
File Size:2.7MB

Story Line:

Is this captivity… or a second chance? My men and I lost our bid for freedom. But nothing in our new prison is quite what I expected. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop fighting. I just have to make sure I pick the right battles. Especially when it isn’t just our lives but those of the kids who came after us on the line. If I’m going to be more than a monster, I need to figure out who the real monsters are—and take back everything they’ve stolen from us before it’s too late.

A painful tightness fills the middle of my throat. Before I’ve even opened my eyes, the urge to clear it grips me. But I can’t seem to swallow. I can’t make a sound. It’s not a lump in my throat but something squeezed against my neck from the outside.

My eyes want to spring open. My muscles are braced to jerk into attack mode. But instead my body reacts as if I’m moving through mud. My eyelids lift sluggishly. My arms and legs squirm against a firmly padded surface. And jar to a stop when they hit restraints clamped around my wrists and ankles.

I blink with the same blurry sluggishness, fighting to clear my hazy vision. A room comes into focus around me: shadows along the walls but bright light streaming over the center of the space where I’m trapped in this seat.

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