Bullseye: Struck by Cupid’s Arrow by K.L. Ramsey (PDF)

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Book Name:Bullseye: Struck by Cupid’s Arrow
File Size:898KB

Story Line:

Sure, he was dressed as cupid, running around Huntsville, delivering singing telegrams, but it paid his rent and his college tuition. He was only one year out from graduating with his degree in business management, and then, he’d get a job and start working toward his dream of opening his own bike shop. The only problem he had now was keeping his secret of delivering singing telegrams from the rest of the guys in his club because they would never let him live it down.

The Royal Bastards were a tough group of guys, and he was pretty sure that dressing up as cupid or admitting that he was an eternal college student, would get him kicked out of the club that he loved so much. Katie wasn’t looking forward to celebrating her birthday. She hated that she was born on Valentine’s Day and this year was no different. All of the happy, loving couples reminded her every year that she was still all alone.

What she really wanted was to hide away and forget that it was her birthday, but the singing telegram that her best friend had delivered to her, by some guy dressed as cupid, really blew her plans for a quiet birthday. And when Cupid asked her out, she knew that she should tell him no, but when she opened her mouth, “Yes” popped out instead. She was never one to go back on her word, but Cupid really seemed to throw her off her game. She wasn’t sure what it was about him that intrigued her, but he did, and for the first time, in a long time, Katie found herself hoping to be hit by Cupid’s arrow.

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