Bryan by Kali Hart (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Bryan
File Size:1.6MB

Story Line:

Haley I almost marry the wrong man. Until my first love crashes the wedding and objects. I leave the undeserving groom at the altar and run. I end up a remote cabin I know well. The only other person who knows where I am is Bryan. He’s the one to find me. Even though I broke his heart two years ago, he’s there for me now. And the fire that once burned strong is only hotter now. I should try to resist him, but I don’t want to.

Bryan I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let Haley marry him. When she bolts from her own wedding, I go after her. I’m not surprised to find her at my cabin. Once I know she’s safe, I should let her sort things out in peace. But she doesn’t want space. She wants me. I’m not sure my heart can survive another break from the only woman I’ve ever loved. So this time, I’ll have to her mine and never let her go.

Driving the getaway car in a wedding dress is hard. Zero of out ten, do not recommend. I’m trapped in a bubble of chiffon, constantly patting it down from the steering wheel as I keep my high-heeled foot pressed to the gas pedal. I can’t afford to slow down as I zip through the back roads of Daisy Hills. Where in the hell is that country highway? Adrenaline pumps steadily through my veins. It’s the only thing keeping me from completely losing my shit.

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