Breaking Rules with Travis by Sophia Nixs (PDF)

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Book Name:Breaking Rules with Travis
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Story Line:

That was the last of it. Everything I owned was packed away and stored into the collection of brown cardboard boxes I’d acquired. They were scattered across the room, surrounding me as I admired my scribbled handwriting across the top of them to clue me in on where I’ll need to place them when I arrive at the new place later today.

I knew that by the time I got there, I’d probably be squinting at the letters through glassy, tired eyes, thinking what the fuck had I actually written on them and how the marks on top of them were even meant to form letters, let alone actual words. They looked more like scribbles than actual words. All morning, I had been attempting to fight back my emotions that were gathering up inside me.

I knew that if I allowed the tears to spill from my eyes, I’d struggle to rein them back under control. It didn’t matter that I was alone at the moment and that no one could see me. The only thing stopping me was the fact that I knew the removal team was due at any minute. I really hoped deep down that he’d turn up to see me, that my best friend, Gaz, wouldn’t leave our relationship as broken as it currently was.

I hoped that the strained pull we currently had could be magically dealt with and fixed and all that we had prior to the other weekend could return to what it used to be. I wanted to lock my desires away and place them back into the Pandora’s box they had originally been kept in and keep it there for forever more, but I knew it was pointless now it had been opened. It didn’t matter what I felt, though.

If my dad was here, he would have given me a clip around the ear and reminded me to never let anyone think I was a weak person. I’d always been told, ‘Men are strong. You don’t bow down and let a silly thing like feelings overwhelm you. You fight against it.’ I wished he’d showed me a sense of emotion in my life when he was still around, rather than just the rough and tumble I remembered as a boy.

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