Bound By Blood by Amanda Ashley (PDF)

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Book Name:Bound By Blood
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Story Line:

Kaitlyn Sherrad has come to Nevada to find one thing…a prince. Half-vampire, half-human, Kaitlyn is the beloved daughter of the Carpathian Coven’s Master, and she has been given just about everything a girl could possibly want. When she sees Zack Ravenscroft, owner of the hottest casino in Lake Tahoe, her desire for him is immediate.

Zack is intrigued with the beautiful woman who is now living near his casino, especially since he can’t read her mind as he can with humans. He craves this beautiful newcomer to his area for himself. As Kaitlyn gets to know Zack better, her desire for him grows to the point she is more than willing to take a gamble on the handsome, mysterious casino owner. Zack knows that a vampire’s love is eternal but there is a problem. A powerful enemy is out to destroy them and their eternal love.

Kaitlyn Sherrad rolled down the window of her baby blue Porsche and stared up at the log cabin set alone in the midst of a cluster of tall pines. As usual, her father had outdone himself. Last month, when he had come to the States for her graduation from college, he had asked her what kind of gift she wanted and she had said, facetiously, Oh, nothing much, just a little summer place in the mountains.

After pulling into the driveway and cutting the engine, Kaitlyn grabbed her suitcases from the backseat. Smiling with anticipation, she hurried up the narrow, winding, red brick path that led to the front porch. She quickly skipped up the stairs and unlocked the door.

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